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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; June 26, Mr. world's leading sporting goods manufacturer US Nike Global Brand Protection Director Kevin Brown had come to Tianjin Customs, the customs before once seized 44,544 pairs of exporting counterfeit "NIKE" sneakers case expressed his thanks and presented "rights pioneer strict enforcement" plaque. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? The Qinghai-Tibet Railway Construction Survey and Design Chronicles before & nbsp;? & Nbsp; & nbsp;?? Quest 25T train a number of the most world & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? train go Tibet have to worry about security issues & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? crack three major problems Quest 25T train & nbsp;? & nbsp; & nbsp;? Quest Beijing to Lhasa passenger train (Photo) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Lhasa railway station is expected to be c cheap jordan shoes for men ompleted June 20 (Photo) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Our reporter will go to Tibet line back to live coverage, you have any thoughts, please leave a message. Click into the topic & nbsp; US Nike is the world's largest integrated sporting goods manufacturers, in 1980 to enter China, 2006 China Sports Products Co., Ltd. was founded Nike, business in China has grown steadily. Due to significant visibility "NIKE" trademark in sporting goods, and counterfeit and infringing product after another. I understand that in order to effectively prevent counterfeit "NIKE" import and export products, Tianjin customs on the one hand to strengthen the training of customs officers, so that customs officers have knowledge of how to identify counterfeit "NIKE" products, on the other hand to strengthen the ex Retro jordans for sale port Counterfeit products of high risk business analysis and focus on monitoring the implementation of precision strike. Since last year, the Tianjin Customs seized a total export of counterfeit "NIKE" Products 14 cases, and seized various types of counterfeit "NIKE" product of nearly 120,000. Kevin Brown said Mr: "NIKE trademark in China Customs has been effectively protected, Nike hopes to continue to strengthen cooperation with the Chinese customs, the fight against international circulation of counterfeit products." Tianjin Customs is responsible comrades, along with customs enforcement of intellectual property rights protection continue to increase, domestic and foreign intellectual property rights of human well-known brands will be better protected. & Nbsp;Recently one pair of ne Cheap air jordans for sale w color of Nike Kyrie 1 GS quietly in our side, the designer to form an integral combination of white and blue, black embellishment details, and then use the heel of the iconic wings wings pattern rendering, as a symbol of with this pair of shoes can help small players fly higher. It is reported that the shoes will be August 1 overall sale, and interested friends may wish to buy a pair of field combat at you, chances are there will be no small progress in the new school year, oh. Rain Man years shuttling back 2013-12-08 23:02:20 time can take away everything, but not take away the faith in our hearts and memories, we like remembering, we prefer to have collected all the "memories" thing, perhaps, this is why shoes engraved in today's market in so popular reasons. He was one of the g cheap jordans for sale mens reatest power forwards of the last century, it is the success of high school students directly into the NBA representatives, he Madden dunk, blocked shots became the darling of fierce Union, because of his unstoppable, often fly above the rim, so people called him ReignMan, meaning ruler - he is Shawn Kemp, and his feet the most classic "volcano" Reebok Kamikaze 2 is also engraved with the tide now, back to our side . because people love shoes, shoe lover or because I believe that in the year has shown signs of Kamikaze 2, when it will be because we are attracted by the appearance of exaggeration, but at the time how many people It can accept the appearance of it? Exaggerated lines connecting the upper and midsole, it is highly personalized, the overall sense of order, and eve Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping n then headed Reebok technology "honeycomb" had to hide in the bottom inside, so crazy design at the time caused many people discussions and doubts, but when people see wearing Kamikaze 2 to Camp stadium, when the target of criticism and discussion to an abrupt end, with one full strength Kemp dunks and blocked shots, at the foot of the shoes have become his best tag , compared to the elegance of Jordan and Air Jordan, Kemp and his Kamikaze 2 more wild and fresh violence, the extent consistent with the appearance of Kamikaze 2 Camp style of it has become a classic in the eyes of the people, do not know Hom Poor achievements Kamikaze 2, or Kamikaze 2 achievements Campo, in short they are like fish and water, each other become the best spokesperson for each other. mark brought b Retro jordans for sale ack memories of the years of Kamikaze 2 year watching people playing Campo, perhaps I have been married, and when we see the body when Kemp now, and perhaps also lamented the merciless time, but it belongs to the Camp Seattle also has become a people's memories, the team changed, Camp changed, the only constant is a pair when we caught up with Kamikaze 2, perhaps this is the charm of a pair of classic shoes, everything changes with time change, but sneakers or a pair of shoes, look at this double Kamikaze 2, you can recall the year's Camp-powerful it? Who would you think of it because this recall? Or remember what story? Perhaps it was because this double Reebok Kamikaze 2, you'll dig out the year or the first year of football card collection of shoes and shirts, like a child playing tog cheap foamposites ether, if this pair of engraved version of Kamikaze 2 brought back your remember, remember, remember that part belongs to the green. time away what exactly? - Details of the comparison year engraved Nike SB Dunk High "Cali" physical map release 2014-07-30 14:37:18 & nbsp; network recently released a new piece of Nike SB shoes, Nike SB Dunk 10 years ago this dual listing of "Cali" close kinship with shoes, a strong response by the appearance and by the majority of the Sneaker. 10 years ago the same color and detail design, changing just upper height only, no longer is the year Low, and everything else as usual. There are currently no shoes specific commercial information, please continue to focus our follow-up reports. & nbsp; Nike Air Penny 5 "fluorescent yellow" physical exp Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping osure 2013-12-08 23:27:34 Recently, a new color of the & nbsp; Nike Air Penny 5 exposure on the network, using a very dazzling shoes fluorescent yellow as the main body, with white and black ink midsole and tongue. There is no exact information on this new color offering, the friend you want to start can continue to look at.Rose Damian, Lillard Derrick, Jeremy Lin, Rubio Ricky four players work together to bring the revolutionary infinite kinetic energy. adidas in early 2013, the first launch of Boost technology, in order to revolutionize the middle and bottom material, changing the running history. 2014 second half of the adidas grand introduced the first equipped with the latest technology shock - boost basketball shoe styles, zoom top function new CrazylightBoost and D rose 5Boost prov cheap jordans for sale ide basketball player field on the optimal energy feedback, agile reflect and comfort, is about to change the adidas basketball history. adidas's brand aims at how to make the players better. Boost a revolutionary innovation in the material, by thousands of stars energy capsules by hot melt and help hopping and fast running, constantly repeated storage suspension and release energy feedback each time. To introduce the plan generation basketball revolutionary technology, Adidas basketball four stars including Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, Jeremy Lin, Ricky Rubio, star point guard gathered, hand in hand to shoot the series of series of planar advertisement, symbolic boost is about to change in basketball history tremendous momentum; at the same time Adidas also launched the boost technology cheap jordans online experimental film "BOOSTChanges Everything" and invite Derrick Rose and Damian Lillard shows the actual boost at the end of science and technology and the traditional EVA midsole differences and present boost in the end science and technology brings the infinite kinetic energy and feedback, symbol of this revolutionary technology is about to change everything. Boost science and technology measured film "Everything":; BOOSTChanges"I've been wearing Boost for months, it's the most comfortable technology I've been through, and I can't imagine how I could play without Boost in my shoes. & quot; Chicago Bulls headed guard Derrick Rose in the national team training camp in, in Las Vegas boost: the scene said. Rose at the same time will be wearing 5Boost Rose shoes, playing the national team events and the next season NBA tournament. " Boost let me play more sublimation! " Portland pioneer defender Damian Lillard mentioned that he views for Boost. " when you put on a Boost, you will immediately feel more comfortable than you can imagine, until you take it off. As I am a strong defender, the challenge of taking off a long time in every game is a long time or a foul.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] yesterday after the stock market closed, Nike shares rose 8 percent to $ 124 more than expected first-quarter sales and profits. According to reports, the company orders continued to rise in the second half, the first three quarters of orders for footwear and apparel grew 9%, of which China region orders increased 22%. Nike president and CEO Mark Parker in a conference call that, Nike company has the advantage of the company to establish a good relationship with the different consumer groups, and a variety of products can satisfy different customers in various regions. Parker said, "Now Nike with other businesses are facing macroeconomic challenges, but after analysis, we correctly positioned and make the best short-term market strategy in order to keep the rise in performance, Nike company does not intend to put the slow pace of development, we have been trying to move forward. " Nike is still the leader in sports business, the previous year's sales of $ 30.6 billion; however, as more and more brands to join the sports market share in a competitive market, such as in recent years, new sports brand Under Armour also won last year 30.8 billion in sales, Nike company is also facing increasing pressure. According to earnings data show that last year Nike's profit growth of 22.6% to $ 1.18 billion and diluted earnings per share of $ 1.34, up $ 0.25 per share, total. Analysts forecast the company's profits this year Nike will continue to grow, and forecast its earnings per share rose $ 0.15. As of August 31, Nike's performance increased by 5.4% to $ 8.41 billion, rose more than analysts expected to rise 3 percent. In constant currency basis, revenue rose 14 percent, online sales grew by 46%. In the brand level and at constant exchange rates on the basis of analysis, Nike earnings rose 15 percent to $ 7.9 billion, while Converse's earnings rose only 3% to $ 555 million. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)

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