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Last week show you the Nike using the new Air Force 1 shoe pattern design of Low projects, today one black Gewen has officially launched the sale of this. With dark streaks of decorative black uppers, black and orange collocation gradient swoosh, very innovative, love friends may wish to look at. 139622TE4V10-11020.jpg (51.82 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-31 09:28 upload 139622TERC0-3V03.gif (124.86 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 09:28 upload 139622TEAC0-21P3.gif (122.97 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-31 09:28 Nike Nike Air Force upload, 1, AF1 00In 20 Retro jordans for sale 17 as the thirteen generation of the offering year, Jordan decided to brand kindly let us have this pair of Air Jordan History of for Flight Air series Jordan 13. The selection of high-quality white leather made shoes, with red trim lining and outer bottom, and the symbol of the cat's eye is covered by green embellishment. item: 414571-103 release date: July 22ndPrice: air-jordan-13-history-of-flight-release-date.jpg (303.27 KB, download number: 13) download Air Jordan 13 History of Flight Launch Trailer 2017-4-15 13:43 upload air-jordan-13-history-of-flight-release-date-2.jpg (293.51 KB, Cheap air jordans for sale download number: 15) download Air Jordan 13 History of Flight Launch Trailer 2017-4-15 13:43 upload air-jordan-13-history-of-flight-release-date-1.jpg (298.65 KB, download number: 16) download Air Jordan 13 History of Flight Launch Trailer 2017-4-15 13:43 upload air-jordan-13-history-of-flight-release-date-3.jpg (371.51 KB, download number: 14) download Air Jordan 13 History of Flight Launch Trailer 2017-4-15 13:43 upload air-jordan-13-history-of-flight-release-date-4.jpg (433.35 KB, download number: 15) download Air Jordan 13 History of Fl0The Adidas Basketball to Crazy 1 this cheap foamposites year engraved as a blueprint, with its signed star Lillard and world team in Portland city and Washington want to send for the design, build their own shoe. Two pairs of shoe respectively presented in black and red and grey pink flower pattern, reflecting the famous Portland rose and rich cherry blossom in washington. Lillard effect of the city of Portland, his Crazy 1 using a local the most iconic red rose as the main pattern printing, throughout the shoes, then collocation black tongue, so in the end the details for the first time in Washington; the effectiveness of Crazy 1 on his wall, when the cheap jordans for sale mens famous cherry blossom festival as Sakura pattern throughout the entire gray vamp, in contrast to pink tongue, in the bottom and other details were completed with. The same as the Florist City series to create together and socks, hat, sportswear and so on, interested friends may wish to look at. 1394T03012DF-1SG.jpg (314.44 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-15 09:45 upload 1394T0301V430-39545.jpg (281.66 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-15 09:44 upload 1394T030161Y0-23252.jpg (181.4 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-3-15 09:45 upload 1394T0302151P-4NP.jpg (295.54 K Retro jordans for sale B, download number: 0) download 2014-3-15 09:45 Adidas Crazy crazy1, upload , Florist, City, 00 Nike and Adidas compete with China's local basketball shoes makers such as Lining, Anta, PEAK and so on; and celebrity endorsement is one of their means of competition. Beijing time on July 26th, U.S. media reports, local Chinese shoe business creative image of the star can have star endorsement endorsement of Nike, Adidas recover is not cheap, and Yao Ming's teammate is more effective weapons against Nike, adidas. NBA finals of the TV ratings hit a record low for the world's major basket cheap jordans online ball shoe business, 2006-07 season is very difficult year, according to the "business weekly" according to the information provided, the basketball shoe business in the sales volume in 2006 compared with the same period last year fell 16%. however, Nike's sales in the Chinese market have not declined, and there has been a trend of growth in the near future. And last year, Adidas also announced that in the next 4 years to China's Adidas stores doubled, to 5000. Nike and Adidas two international brands to enter the China, Chinese local shoe felt tremendous pressure, but even so, Adidas Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping and Nike are wary of Lining, Anta, PEAK and other domestic sports shoes, because they occupy the two shoe business Chinese sports shoes market is still not more than 1/3. but the Chinese brand is still a little bit different from the world sports brand, that is the weight of their star spokesmen. Olympic 110 meter hurdles champion, the 2008 Olympic Games may become China's most dazzling superstar Liu Xiang, is the spokesperson for Nike. Yi Jianlian, who was selected by the bucks for the sixth place this year, has already signed a contract with Nike as early as 16 years old, NBA said. Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping superstar endorsements become fashionable; Chinese brands must make creative adjustments. Lining with a Adidas's bid to become the Chinese team sponsor of the 2008 Olympics, and each ad in the middle of the 5 broadcast events between the broadcast, then watch the Chinese team in the Olympic Games Chinese audience of hundreds of millions. Can not compare with Reebok 10 million signed Yao Ming's effect? Lining signed the Chinese - known Yao Ming directly in the Rockets' teammate Hayes. Lining also signed the Spanish and Argentina national basketball teams, respectively, 06 years world champ cheap jordan shoes for men ionships and 04 years Olympic gold medal men's basketball team, the two international competition, the United States have sacked ahead of schedule. Lining also signed contracts with teams from Sweden, Sultan and many other countries to compete for international gold medals, as well as contracts with NBA, the big sharks, and O'neal. )Recently, the famous fashion designer Rick Owens opened his first store in Los Angeles personal. The body is still visible Fan shop exudes rich Rick Owens personal style, with simple and neat, black and white against the background of the main style to create the cheap jordans for sale store, the entire store to take concrete walls exposed design more highlights of the original industrial atmosphere. It is worth noting that the ceiling chosen by a transparent glass building, the entire space is like a huge tank in general, highlight the empty inspiration, interested friends may wish to watch in person.Lourdes of bicycle mechanical Gallery list of the chariot of the world cup, the engineers is stepping up efforts to time patient effort by a bicycle, to ensure that each screw and nut normal operation, this is a serious industry, let us to explore what it exactly have how much we want to know the secret. Gravity Specialized team combined with world champion rainbow colors broken glass theme painting enough to show off, this is the Bruni Demo Loic 8 s-work. A full set of Intersteno transmission and RS damper test version Aluminum Alloy new link, whether can undergo the test of high strength of the game in the match? RockShox sponsored drivers in the post, some of the pressure after the pressure of the gallbladder, and some stick to the spring bile Demo S-Works at the end of last year, Lourdes has proven its value, so this year all eyes gathered in Loic. Racing Project Roseexactly said that this is not a prototype car, Racing Project Rose has been the prototype car to hide up, in this year's competition to see the emergence of the brand, it really makes people feel great. Team the speed of transmission system, Sr SunTour RUX fork, rockshox shock absorbers, Schwalbe magic Mary tire, spank round of group the group. In the future, the Rose will test the car downhill performance? .MobYTYT mob is recently established a new team, and spared no expense to invited Aaron Gwin as a top player, the focus of all media are concentrated here the. Oh, God, he won the first race! Men of God so stable play again conquered all the audience, carrying secret set of fox shock absorber of YT Tues cf a smooth upgrade become Champ car. Gwin Aaron will continue the legend? we are in this together and look forward to Sunday's final secret, this is a secret, do you want to know what the book was written in the end? Gee Trek chariot early Atherton three siblings move to trek, gee Atherton choose the trek session XL retail version of the frame, customized special bowl group to further increase the frame size, on the tyre pressures: Gee use 28psi about setting, and the vacuum tyre Tim 〉

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