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Today the network released Kobe a pair of boots, Nike Zoom peak Kobe 1 home court color, see this pair of shoes, many sneaker will be a lot of emotion. The shoes are also an epoch-making product, both for exterior design and for Kobe. In this small series also really hope that Nike can in the late large area re engraved Kobe series, rather than last year launched the master of the road like the high-end branch line, after all, Kobe series is an era of the most representative products, but also a lot of people's youth years.Retro campus feel CONVERSE Canvas Chevronstar CX-250 SU 2013-12-08 22:51:38 CONVERSE launched in cheap jordans for sale 80s classic shoes CX-250 recently returned with a new look, this shoe was popular in the 1982 launch, became the tide of the people must enter shoes. The CONVERSE took advantage of retro rewind, this pair of classic shoes again launched, and with the popular suede material, create a thick campus retro style. The launch of the series includes three different color matching, will be on sale shelves this month.Air Jordan 5 GS "Hot Lava" will be on sale in May 9th, which is very popular with women's fans. Air , Jordan 5 GS shoe type, with gray main colors to embellish eye catching red details, white midsole and figure 23 e Cheap air jordans for sale mbroidery dress highlights.The new Nike Mercurial Superfly football shoes debut Greater vice president of design from the Nike headquarters in Martin ? Loti (Martin Lotti) released a new Mercurial Superfly. Came out in 1998 on behalf of Mercurial is unprecedented and advanced design, one stroke laid Nike shoes in football industry as an innovation leader. 2014 new Mercurial Superfly called Nike fastest in the history of football boots, inspired by the world's top players Cristiano ? Ronaldo. The shoes through Nike Sports Research Lab four years in development, not only is an advanced football boots, it is another big cheap jordans for sale mens leap in the football field speed. The new Mercurial Superfly using Nike Flyknit technology. By using this new 3D weaving technology, so that the material between the foot and the reduction of football, so as to enhance the sense of the ball, in the high-speed ball This is a very critical factor. In addition, dynamic fit high shoes collar makes Mercurial Superfly contour greatly improved, while bringing better fit feeling, to enhance the feeling of the shoes become foot extension. Players journey - Nike for the players off the field to provide a full range of products This summer Brazilian football event, Nike will cheap jordans online become the largest teams wearing equipment brands, all ten (Brazil, England, France, Portugal, the Netherlands, the United States, Australia, South Korea, Greece, Croatia) will be wearing Nike equipment to compete in Brazil Race teams home and away jerseys are in the launch event debut. Shirts using high-tech innovation to help the players stay dry performance, such as laser cutting and breathable mesh design, and Nike Dri-FIT Technology. These shirts also has environmental protection, each set of jersey fabrics are extracted from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, the appearance of each set of shirts are integrat Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ed into a unique national cultural design elements. At the same time, Nike players at different times during the event to prepare a series of products. Martin ? Ancelotti manages to be known as "Players journey" series of products for the players in the warm-up for the national anthem, competition training, to meet the media, travel and rest at different times in the camp to provide clothing. "Our overall goal is for the players during Brazil to build the most representative and commemorative products," Ancelotti said. "This summer's game is crucial player's career, so we want to provide the best products to help a Retro jordans for sale thletes in the field have the best performance, while the OTC inspire them." "The first thing we need to pick a special dress those moments during the game, and then we meet with the team and players to discuss what kind of development to create products and what kind of shape. We want high-quality products and styling to enhance each moment, "Ancelotti added. "in training, the players will be wearing the best innovative products we offer. Elite training T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt middle, thin breathable jackets, woven jackets and shorts will appear in the player's equipment bag." Martin ? Ancelotti explained. "As cheap foamposites good as these innovative look and performance. The players told us that if they wear a type, they will feel good and perform better." By Field Product Ancelotti and his team for each team's fans to design and demonstrate Sports Lifestyle series of products under the field. These products include: N98 jacket, Nike narrow collar Polo shirt, Tech sports trousers, Tech Fleece zip hoodie, Saturday jackets and Tiempo '94. The top products in this series are a combination of tradition and innovation Nike; Tech Fleece N98 N98 jacket follows the classic style --N98 first World Cup in 1998 in France was worn by the Seleca Retro jordans for sale o, while incorporating Nike sports life category latest technological innovations --Tech Fleece technology. Tech Fleece N98 jacket as Brazil, England and France in the outstanding performance of the national team in previous races and build. product line expand Inspired by the Brazilian football event of the Nike brand and also work together to design and Jordan brand products, including CP3.VII and Air Jordan 6 product also appears in the conference. "Neymar like Jordan.Jordan like Brazil and their style of play. Design team chose the moral impact of Air Jordan 6 Brazil to its sixth victory," Ancelotti said. I Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping n addition, women's fitness team specifically for the female fans of design Slim cut of Brazil, France and England shirt. fight on everything, fight wins From the beginning of April, Nike released through social media advertising # stroke # Two football movie of all market activity and more than 200 million worldwide users of the online interaction. Sima Pei, vice president Nike Greater China region marketing, said:. "'Fight on all' spirit of football marketing campaign is to encourage more young people fearless, create their own time on the court in this next summer, Greater China will continue through the activ cheap jordan shoes for men ities of a series of online and offline that everyone loves football incredibly exciting interactive experience. " playing for Beijing Guoan players Shao Jiayi in the conference site also shared his "fight on everything," the understanding and experience: "Miracles and special moments on the court often comes from some of the changes and try not behave, And precisely because of these miracles and special moments to let so many people love football, it also inspired us ready to create your own time. " Short encourage players to take risks, active offensive "fight who wins" the game also get the real interpretation of events. The singer pay simbo, awake, host Li Xiang team consisting of master, actor Wang Yangming, singer Liu Wenjie, headlined composed Rocker Tiger team, the former striker Xu Yang, Yang Pu, Xu Lin Brain Failure band members composed School team, as well as singer Yu Siyuan, a football field tide Li Mao, artist Wang products consisting CFCB team in the field to build the personal taste of the experience of the newly designed "fight wins" contest. From the end of May to the middle of next August, Nike will also conduct a series of "fight who wins" the competition system of promotion, from June to mid-July, will be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou "fight wins "opinion leaders league; while the iconic surrounding these three cities will have for the grass-roots public match experience activities; the next one month, Nike will be held" fight wins' series of the game, take advantage of summer vacation period to allow more youth football fans understand and participate in.The color of the KD7 breast cancer PREMIUM was named "AUNT PEARL" is because KD wants to commemorate him in 2001 because Aunt Pearl died of cancer. Shoes with a fresh attitude changed the past "breast cancer" theme of pink presents the main, upper golden swoosh and KD words more distinguished, in combination with wings like Velcro, combined with the pink Flywire dynamic fly line really highlights the theme. It has landed Chinese version, and will be officially on sale in March 8th, women's day, the price of 1199 yuan, the number of 706858-176. When the guest has the support of a single artifact. When the guest shoes identification of the hot line, to support the fight against fake ma!! Immediately search the Apple App store to download and install the APP-- when the passenger grab shoe artifact artifact!! WeChat search for "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when guest"!!

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